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Academy of Craft Training


High School Career Technical Center

The Academy of Craft Training is a public/private partnership between the construction industry and the State of Alabama’s K-12 education system. Our mission is to recruit, educate and guide high school students for educational and employment opportunities in the construction industry. Approximately 30 percent of students graduate from high school don’t attend college and have neither academic nor job skills. Our goal is to help these students get the education and skills they need to be entry-level, skilled workers in the construction industry. For the 2016-2017 school year, 16 Birmingham-metro area high schools are sending students to the simulated workplace at the Alabama Workforce Training Center to receive NCCER construction-related training in building construction, masonry, HVAC/plumbing, welding and electrical.

3500 6th Avenue South
Birmingham, AL


(205) 870-9768


Randy Swann

(Randy Swann) Contact the center for more information.