Craft Training Grants

Go Build Alabama is proud to partner with the Alabama Craft Training Board to provide assistance for Alabama community colleges and apprenticeship programs that offer workforce training and development.

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The Alabama CICT Board provides grant opportunities for craft training programs within the commercial construction industry. Its mission is to support training programs in building a qualified workforce to meet the growing demand for skilled craftspeople and commercial construction workers in Alabama.

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Craft Training Grant Participants

If your program has recently been awarded a Craft Training Grant, Go Build Alabama will assist each program with publicly promoting upcoming training opportunities. Paid media support from Go Build Alabama will include social media, public relations, and creative assets like posters or print ads.

Other pertinent information needed to promote your training program includes:

  • Logo files
  • Contact information (phone and email) for point of contact
  • Targeted range for age/experience (high school graduates, workers with some experience, etc.)
  • Target geographic region to promote within (state-wide, specific regions, specific counties, etc.)

Training programs that Go Build Alabama has worked with include:

  • Construction Education Foundation of Alabama (CEFA)
  • Jefferson State Community College
  • Wallace Community College (Dothan)
  • Alabama Association of General Contractors
  • Ironworker Skills Institute (Garrison Steel)
  • Lawson State Community College
  • Bishop State Community College

While we cannot guarantee certain results, working with Go Build Alabama and the Alabama CICT Board can help increase interest in your training programs and yield a more qualified pool of candidates. We’ll use a strategic approach to help spread awareness of your program to the right audience, and we’ll analyze the results as we go to maximize effectiveness for the promotional campaign.

If you’re interested in working with Go Build Alabama, please email us at or call us at 334-832-7300.

Go Build Alabama does request at least eight weeks advance notice in order to promote these programs to their full marketing potential.