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Insulators Local 78

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About the Training

The goal of the Asbestos Workers Local 78 Apprentice Training Trust is to provide the highest level of training to apprentices in order that they assume positions as fully qualified journeymen. The program is structured for entry-level workers, as well as workers already employed within the insulation industry who wish to upgrade their skills to advance to journeymen status. The apprenticeship program emphasizes on-the-job training, classroom instruction and on-line training, and other course materials to give participants a thorough knowledge of the insulation trade.

Application Process

The Asbestos Workers Apprentice Training Trust minimum entry level requirements for selection are as follows: 1. Minimum age for applicants shall be 18 years. No maximum age. 2. Education pre-requisites for entry: High School diploma or equivalent. 3. Applicants will be required to take an achievement test consisting of math and English, a score of 70% or greater is required to maintain qualified status. 4. Oral interview is given to applicant, factors considered are: Attitude 0-20%, Interest 0-20%, Stability 0-20%, and Dependability 0-20%. 70% passing score required to maintain qualified status.

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