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Step 01

Community College

A community college degree goes far beyond your standard high school courses to focus on the ins and outs of your desired trade in a traditional classroom environment. If you've got big career ambitions, a degree is always handy.
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Step 02

On-the-Job Experience

In the construction industry, learning by doing is the best way to learn. With degree in hand, your next stop is to begin sharpening your skills at any number of training programs throughout the state.
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Step 03


As a journeyperson, you've earned the title of skilled tradesperson. And you're earning a living by doing what you love. But no matter what trade you've learned, there's always room for advancement.
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Step 04


Every construction crew needs a skilled leader in charge. And if you excel at your skilled trade, you'll find opportunities to advance your career by guiding others as the foreperson of your own team.
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Step 05


When it comes to large construction projects, the superintendent provides scheduling, supervision, and quality control. If it happens at a construction site, the superintendent is there to make sure it goes according to plan.
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Step 06

Senior Manager, CEO/COO, Company Owner

Once you've learned everything there is to know about the construction industry, you're ready to run your own business. And with new jobs arriving every day, there's no limit to your building—and earning—potential.