Education Required
Most occupations in this zone require training in vocational schools, related on-the-job experience, or an associate's degree.
Median Wage
Cement masons work with concrete-one of the most durable materials used in construction - to place and finish concrete walls, foundations, beams, columns, and panels.
About The Job

Brick and blockmasons bind building materials such as brick, concrete block, cinder block, structural tile, and terracotta block with mortar and other substances to construct or repair walls, floors, fireplaces, and other structures.

What You'll Do
  • Apply muriatic acid to clean surface, and rinse with water.
  • Build wooden molds, and clamp molds around area to be repaired, using hand tools.
  • Cut metal division strips, and press them into terrazzo base so that top edges form desired design or pattern.
  • Fabricate concrete beams, columns, and panels.
  • Install anchor bolts, steel plates, door sills and other fixtures in freshly poured concrete or pattern or stamp the surface to provide a decorative finish.
  • Mix cement, sand, and water to produce concrete, grout, or slurry, using hoe, trowel, tamper, scraper, or concrete-mixing machine.
  • Polish surface, using polishing or surfacing machine.
  • Push roller over surface to embed chips in surface.
  • Spread roofing paper on surface of foundation, and spread concrete onto roofing paper with trowel to form terrazzo base.
  • Sprinkle colored marble or stone chips, powdered steel, or coloring powder over surface to produce prescribed finish.