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    What is Go Build?

    The mission of the Alabama Construction Recruitment Institute and the Go Build Alabama campaign is to recruit a new generation of skilled tradespersons for the commercial and industrial construction industry, by creating a recruitment campaign that dispels the misperceptions about working in the trades, promotes training programs, and enhances the image of the construction trade professional and the industry as a whole.
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    How do I get involved?

    Because Go Build’s target audience is young, impressionable minds, there are plenty of ways to share your knowledge. We’d be glad to help set up volunteer opportunities at events like career fairs, grassroots programs, and speaking engagements where your experience can shape the futures of eager students. The more time you’re willing to spend sharing your story, the more careers you can potentially inspire.
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    I’m looking for new employees. What information do you have?

    Part of Go Build Alabama’s mission is to help anyone interested in a career in the skilled trades find a training program or trade school to help them master their craft. Our database includes lists of schools and training programs throughout the state that are producing talented workers on a regular basis, and our news page features updates on construction projects in Alabama and nearby.

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