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Construction Education Foundation of Alabama (CEFA) - Birmingham


The Construction Education Foundation of Alabama, CEFA provides Apprenticeship Training and Pre-apprenticeship/Craft training. The Apprenticeship Training program is approved and supervised by the US Department of Labor Bureau of Apprenticeship. The training meets national standards for classroom training. Students are issued a Certificate of Completion by the US Department of Labor at the completion of the 4th level of training. Classes are comprised of employees of contractors and individuals seeking trade training on a pre employment basis. CEFA is a Certified NCCER Training Sponsor and provides nationally recognized credentials for each level of training that is completed. * CEFA uses the terms Pre-apprentice/Craft trainee to describe a student who is not employed by a contractor. This student is learning a trade in advance of employment and using the training as a means for improving their resume or job application. ** An Apprentice is a student who is employed by a contractor and is registered with the US Department of Labor Bureau of Apprenticeship. This student is learning the trade while working.

You can send a request for a scholarship via email or US mail as the first step. To receive a scholarship you MUST apply in person. We accept applications at 9:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. Address is 6700 Oporto Madrid Blvd. Birmingham, AL 35206, 205-956-0146. When you come to complete an application you should bring a copy of:
1. Essay asking for a scholarship 2. High School Diploma or GED 3. Birth Certificate 4. Social Security Card 5. DD 214 if a veteran 6. Driver’s License


6700 Oporto Madrid Blvd
Birmingham, AL


(205) 956-0146


Byron McCain, President

(Byron McCain, President) To apply for a scholarship please follow the steps listed below. You have to send an email indicating your interest and apply in person. 1. The subject line of email should read CEFA Trade Scholarship and should be sent to Byron McCain Your email message should contain the following information. 2. When and where did you graduate from high school? If you have a GED when did you earn your GED? 3. Employment status: unemployed, working part time, employed full time. 4. Hometown Questions call 205-956-0146