Go Build in the Classroom

Teachers and counselors have the power to influence young minds toward a better future. If you have students who are or might be interested in a career in the skilled trades, we’re here to help.

Go Build Alabama

The Go Build campaign is designed to educate young people on the value of learning a trade, dispel their misconceptions about the construction industry and inspire them to consider a career in the skilled trades. Through this campaign, the Alabama Construction Recruitment Institute aims to provide more highly skilled tradesmen for construction businesses and enhanced economic development for Alabama and the nation.

Alabama Construction Recruitment Institute

The Alabama Legislature established ACRI in 2009 to educate young people, parents, educators and others about the opportunities offered by the construction industry. ACRI’s partners include Alabama AFL-CIO, the Associated Builders and Contractors of Alabama, Alabama Associated General Contractors, Inc., Alabama Road Builders Association, the American Subcontractors Association, the Alabama Construction Trade Unions, the Alabama College System, the Alabama Constructive Users Roundtable and construction business owners throughout the state.

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