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MPACT Senior Yash Prajapati Chosen as May 2019 Go Build Student of the Month

May 24, 2019

Student: Yash Prajapati

Instructor: Rick Robinson

School: Montgomery Preparatory Academy for Career Technologies (MPACT)

Trade: Electrician

Grade level: Senior

Graduation Date: May 28, 2019

For this month’s Go Build Student of the Month, we interviewed graduating senior Yash Prajapati, who is studying to become an electrician, as well as Rick Robinson, Yash’s teacher who nominated him.


Yash Prajapati

What first sparked your interest in the skilled trades?

I was given the opportunity to sign up for MPACT three years ago. Of all my options, I felt like I would enjoy Electrical the best.

When did you begin taking career tech classes at school?

9th grade.

What is your favorite thing about Electrical classes that you’ve learned so far?

I enjoyed all aspects, but I really enjoyed my final year’s curriculum which involved PLCs. I enjoy programming and troubleshooting PLCs.

What do you plan to do upon graduating from high school?

Attending Trenholm State Technical College.

What would you say to encourage other students to take career tech classes and learn a skilled trade?

The demand for the skilled trades is going up every year. The only limit you have on yourself is how hard you want to work and how much you want to learn.

What do you enjoy most about Mr. Robinson’s career tech classes?

Mr. Robinson is very hands on. He keeps his classes moving. He teaches in the classroom and reinforces everything in the lab. He also works hard to get us ready for what we are going to do after we graduate.

Rick Robinson

What skilled trades do you teach?

Electrical Technology.

How long have you been working with Yash on this skilled trade?

Three years.

How would you describe Yash’s work ethic, skills, etc.?

Yash’s work ethic is second to none. He and his family immigrated to the U.S. just a few years ago. He does not have an attitude of entitlement like so many kids today. He knows how lucky he is to be in the U.S. where opportunity is boundless.

What inspired you to nominate Yash for our Go Build Student of the Month award?

His attitude and work ethic. I have never seen Yash have a bad day in three years.

What is one thing you hope Yash will take away from your classes?

To be a lifelong learner. Always strive to reach the next level whether it is a degree, certificate, or whatever, just never stop learning.

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