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Team Design & Build Contest starts in Tuscaloosa

November 03, 2016

Team Design & Build participants In today’s workforce teamwork is essential. In an ongoing effort to prepare students to work in teams while acquiring the skills necessary for maintaining employment in the construction field, the Resource Center for Technology is hosting the 2016 Construction Team Design and Build Contest. This annual contest brings together students from career and technical education construction, electrical and drafting programs across the state in Tuscaloosa for three days of friendly competition, networking and fun.

The Team Design and Build Competition consists of nine student led construction and design teams who will build an 8 x 10 building in a competitive style event. Each team consists of 4 building construction students, 2 electrical students, and 1 drafting student. Participating teams have come from Etowah, Jefferson, Montgomery, Shelby, and Tuscaloosa counties.

Points are awarded for students who use innovation and creativity to design their own building, and construct it from materials provided. The building must be completed utilizing skills that are transferable to industrial and commercial construction. In addition to technical construction skills, students must also exhibit skills necessary for team-centric real-world situations, such as practicing safety, leadership, teamwork, problem solving, and decision making.

Team Design and Build_Montgomery teamContest rules include some parameters for the building height, type of doors, and size of windows. Additionally, students will be required to construct interior walls from sheetrock, install electrical outlets, and build at least one window and one door. Optional items may also be added, including insulation, a wired doorbell, wired smoke alarm, metal studs, and more.

Final construction will be judged by a committee of industry representatives will have input into the final skills to be included.Winners will receive special recognition in statewide media as well as a plaque for their school. Special thanks is given to our friends in the Home Building and commercial construction industry for making this event possible.

Visit The Resource Center for more information.

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