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Construction Employment is on the Rise: CEFA Craft Training = Employment

July 17, 2015


CEFA students have been on a roll related to employment. Fifteen students have gained employment since April, (nine in the last 14 days). Six electrical students have been hired by The M & A Electric Company in the last 6 days. Two pipefitting students have taken jobs and one welding student.

The improving construction market has driven the up-turn in students getting jobs. The overall awareness that CEFA has students in training seeking employment has increased as well.

Tim Morrow, president of the M & A Electric Company stated, “When I was Chairman of CEFA we implemented the Craft Training program. At the time the construction economy was weak and employers were not able to hire as many students from the program as we would like. The market has changed and I am very pleased the program is in place so I can hire people who have participated in some form of training. I encourage all contractors to hire students from the program.”

The CEFA Craft Training Program provides training to people wanting to enter a construction trade. Students are able to use training in the application process to separate themselves from other job seekers. They are able to demonstrate a desire to be in a trade by showing an employer they are willing to begin the learning process prior to actually having a job in the trade. CEFA has created a hiring pool of trained labor for the industry.

Students participating in Craft training access the training through grant funding or use of the CEFA Scholarship program and pay the tuition themselves. Byron McCain, President of CEFA stated, “In 2014 CEFA experienced a growth of 20 plus students who paid their own tuition for training. Eighty-five percent of those students have a job in a trade.”

For more information on CEFA Craft Training contact CEFA at (205) 956-0146, or visit www.CEFATradeTraining.com. The CEFA Training Center is located at 6700 Oporto Madrid Blvd. Birmingham, AL 35206.

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